Uniply Platinum


Termites are a perennial concern for anyone opting for plywood. Thanks to cutting edge research, Uniply has evolved an ideal solution with ‘Platinum ATS-Z Plus’ plywood. It is an innovative,non-toxic, industry leading product that comes with an ATS ( Anti Termite Solution) protection that has proven to offer superior defence against termites, thus making it damage free.


Properties Specified IS 710:2010
Adhesive for bonding E1 Grade Un- extended BWP Phenol formaldehyde Synthetic Resin as per Global Standards
Preservative Treatment As per IS 5539
Glue Shear Strength Excellent
GSS Dry State1647 N Avg
1342 N min Individual
GSS Wet State 1220 N Avg
976 N Min Individual
Mechanical Data Excellent
Density Above 820 kg/m3
Tensile Strength Excellent
Parallel to grain direction Above 80.5 N/mm2
Perpendicular to grain directionAbove 55.0 N/mm2
Sum in both direction135.5 N/mm2
Water Resistant Test
Stands more than 108 hours of continuous boiling that exceeds all the specified values of IS 710:2010


  • Boiling water and termite proof*
  • Made up of non toxic compounds
  • Three stages preservative treated
  • Antifungal treated
  • Calibrated
  • Bend resistant : Balanced construction ensures dimensional stability which prevents warpage and builds strength
  • Made out of Select premium Tropical Hardwood.
  • Made of veneers cooked at 60 degrees for removal of Starch & Micro-organism.
  • Made through QUATERN Process
  • Money back guarantee
  • Life time guarantee* 300%


An elite class product which can be used to make furniture for personal and commercial spaces, hotel suites, auditoriums, dining halls, and also for partitions and panellings.