Uniply Marine Plywood

Is your kitchen cabinetry falling apart due to constant exposure to moisture? Then opting for Uniply’s marine plywood will be your best decision. It is chemically treated, made of select hardwood, comes with a long panel and phenolic glue core veneers. Each veneer is treated with preservatives prior to pressing, ensuring uniform distribution of moisture and adhesive. So now, instead of worrying, you can enjoy cooking your favourite dishes.


Properties Specified IS 710:2010
Adhesive for bondingE1 Grade Un- extended BWP Phenol formaldehyde Synthetic Resin as per Global Standards
Preservative Treatment As per IS 5539
Glue Shear Strength Excellent
GSS Dry State 1458 N Avg
1188 N min Individual
GSS Wet State 1080 N Avg
864 N Min Individual
Mechanical Data Excellent
DensityAbove 750 kg/m3
Tensile Strength Excellent
Parallel to grain direction Above 50 N/mm2
Perpendicular to grain directionAbove 38 N/mm2
Sum in both direction88 N/mm2
Water Resistant Test
Stands more than 72 hours of continuous boiling


  • Boiling Water proof
  • Manufactured through QUATERN Process
  • Resistant to termites and powdering
  • Antifungal treated
  • Calibrated
  • Made from select hardwood
  • Can be used for making indoor as well as outdoor furniture


This category of plywood is most suitable for partition and panelling, panel insert in doors, false ceiling, lawn chairs, garden tables and chairs, cavity flooring, cupboard shelving and also as kitchen cabinets.