If you’re a designer looking to create revolutionary pieces of furniture, then Uniply’s flexiply should be an ideal pick. The flexible nature is due to its layers of thin plies which makes it easy to bend into various curved shapes quite easily. It is composed of tropical hardwood veneers and bonded with BWP resin. You can be sure that its shape will be retained even after it’s glued, laminated or veneered.


Compositiontropical wood, hot pressed with synthetic resin
Adhesive for BondingE1 Grade Un- extended BWP Synthetic Resin as per Global Standards
Density820kg/m3 (approx)
Bending RadiiFor 3.5mm thickness, 4"
For 5.5mm thickness, 7"
For 7.5mm thickness, 9"
For 10.5mm thickness, 14"
ElasticityCross grain 210 N/mm2
Along the grain 6300 N/mm2
Conforms to the agreement between buyer and seller


  • Bonded with BWP resin
  • Antifungal Treated
  • Can be used for various shapes without cracking or losing shape
  • Retain strength in any shape
  • Saves time and labour to create a structure
  • Self supporting structure removes the necessity to create structural skeletons or support base
  • Complicated, multi rounded structure can be created faster


Due to its special flexibility potential, the ply can be used to construct furniture with rounded corners, interior décor and imaginative installations.