Manufacturing Process

Uniply manufactures products, that meet all stringent environmental norms. Which is why we use low-emission E1 Grade resin to ensure that our products are the safest for people and the planet. Every sheet of plywood goes through rigorous quality check before being shipped to the market. After all, we at Uniply take pride in offering our consumers superior quality products, while keeping in mind the ‘value for money’ quotient.

Each and every piece of log of class I Durable Hardwood Timber (Dipterocarpus species such as Gurjan & Keruing) is personally inspected for suitability and imported from virgin tropical forests worldwide, and soaked in a pond at at the Uniply facility.

Based on requirements, the logs are removed from the pond and cut to size.

This is an unique process of Uniply. The cut logs are cooked for 12 hours at a temperature of 60-80 degrees. Cooking is done to remove starch and to kill microscopic organisms.

The cooked log is then peeled to the required uniform thickness by high-speed peeling machines with backup rollers

The veneer is then reeled and taken to the clipper machine.

The clipping machine cuts the veneer to required dimensions.

The dryer reduces the moisture content. Drying is done at a uniform temperature, also destroys microorganisms that may have survived the cooking process.

Un-extended E1 grade and specially formulated resin is manufactured inhouse to ensure quality and consistency.

Wider-cross core veneer and long panel veneer are layered and glued to give the plywood greater strength and dimensional stability.

This unique process ensures a uniform spread of specially formulated resin and chemicals into each and every layer of plywood. The assembled plywoods are pressed under high pressure in ambient temperature for sufficient time to ensure stabilization of all layers and to achieve a warp-free strong bonding.

The boards are trimmed horizontally and vertically. A unique technique of pre-cutting is used before the final cutting to ensure dimensional accuracy

Uniply is the first company in India to introduce fully automatic loading and unloading system at the heavy duty hot press. The plywood from pre-press is automatically loaded into the hot press for polymerisation. Each board is put through a preset temperature and higher pressure to ensure uniform density and permanent bonding, resulting in a warp-free sheet.

An imported and fully automatic wide-belt sanding machine performs surface sanding on both sides of the plywood to give it a smooth surface.

A full-fledged R&D lab with the latest equipments and experienced scientists help in ensuring that every batch of resin and plywood is thoroughly tested for quality and consistency

Each and every plywood is thoroughly inspected for quality bonding and finish before dispatching to various destinations to cater to the needs of end users.