From the Chairman’s Desk

Before We Think Of Products, We Think Of The Planet. And You, Of Course.

Change is inevitable. But, change is not accepting ‘good-enough’ as a quality standard. Change is investing in innovation and technology. Change is thinking of people and the planet before thinking of products. Which is why we use the safer E1 grade low-emission resin as per global standards - the first of its kind in India.

For UNIPLY, changes have always been on the positive side and our company has been building on its strengths to maintain its product superiority on an on-going basis and consistently.

We believe, innovation is in our DNA, and we earnestly work towards ensuring that every single product that comes out of our factory reflects our corporate aphorism - ‘beat the best’. Hence, the brand Uniply enjoys an enviable reputation, built over decades of efficient operations.

As a matter of routine, we fine-tune our operational efficiency, corporate governance, financial prudence, business acumen, vision, strategies and implementation, facilitated by our experienced and market-focussed professional team with keenness to stay on top and make Uniply grow horizontally and vertically. We care for mother nature. Our processes are truly environment-friendly and our new range of products are very much in line with global standards.

We will soon be making a strong presence in overseas markets with our new range of products. In short, we at Uniply understand that innovation and development of superior technology and growth are the key pillars of the brand and we strive to build on them, regarding our customers as the sole and very purpose of our existence.


Uniply Décor Ltd.